Welcome to Charmz Services

    CHARMZ primarily deal in School related functions especially Online School Management ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software. Our commitment to Education Sector for the last few years has been to provide an advance educational system with innovative technology programs that prepare students for the workplace and for life. It includes all functions like Finance, HR, vendor services, Fees, Attendance, Marks and others on part of the school principal or the teachers. We make it all as simple as possible.

    Why Charmz ERP?

    We understand the DNA of Educational System in India, having worked through educational background since year 2012. We are prime movers in bringing to the market, latest advances such as attendance systems based on ultra high frequency (UHF) and RFID technology. We have also launched a low cost Cloud enabled integrated ERP for educational societies having schools which are still struggling and too small to be figured out. We are continuously improving to keep pace with the changing IT needs such as security, scalability, reliability & availability to ensure the right performance of the system with Optimal deployment of every human, digital and resources to generate faster and higher ROI.
    Charmz is now a technology platform for Educational services speacially with School Management ERP. We offer a completely safe & secure advanced-technology platform where you can do complete school Management.
    LUKSKUL (Our Online School Management Software) is a package to manage the student database with registration and Withdrawal process. It is designed to manage fees, annual funds and other charges. Individual student statement can be printed, as well as a variety of account summaries. It is especially popular among teachers. It allows teachers to electronically record attendance and Marks. Gathers data from the various teachers, organizes the Marks and prints out the student’s report card. Automatically calculates Student Rank in the class. It also produces a variety of summary reports. It is highly user friendly software which can work stand-alone or multi user system (depends on licensed purchased for). It is Flexible and adaptable to be tailored to most user's needs.
    It is especially helpful to the parents as they can easily see the track of their respective students performance, attendance, get SMS for absent students

Our Commitment

At Charmz we are committed towards achieving high levels of customer satisfaction by ensuring Quality, Cost Effective & Innovative Service It would be our endeavour to achieve this with technical, financial, business and moral excellence.

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many intellectuals with perfection."

Future Endeavour

We dream beyond sky limits and our effort is to never say "No' to our customers who are demanding complex solutions. By redefining the business started with Educational services from last 6 years working with many renowned schools in Faridabad, dealing in the school uniform supplies and moved into educational services like stationeries, smart classes and helping poor people to study, now we are taking a step ahead in ERP School Management to completely acquire the needs of an individual.